Rocket Arena delisted

EA’s Rocket Arena Suddenly Delisted on All Platforms

Rocket Arena suddenly vanished from online storefronts. The 3v3 multiplayer shooter launched in 2020 under EA Originals, but the publisher recently pulled it from all digital stores.

EA pulls Rocket Arena from PS4, Xbox, Origin, and Steam

As TechRaptor reported, EA abruptly pulled the game from the Origin, Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation digital stores. The game’s pages are still visible on all those platforms, and Rocket Arena’s servers are reportedly still online. However, the game is no longer available for purchase, and it’s unclear if it’s ever coming back.

EA delists Rocket Arena

The game saw mixed reviews on all platforms, with the PS4 version of Rocket Arena having a Metacritic score of 68. The Xbox One release had a slightly better score of 71, while the PC version received a 73. Rocket Arena’s user review scores on Metacritic and Steam were similarly mediocre. Critics praised its colorful character design but were split on the gameplay. Some felt it was a fun casual shooter, while others complained about its lack of depth and originality. Other critics reported balance issues and described problems with some of the game modes.

Neither EA nor developer Final Strike Games made any statements about the delisting. The last word from the Belview, Washington-based studio was announcing a double XP weekend late last month. Final Strike’s email address also no longer works, which is a bad sign for Rocket Arena ever returning.

Unfortunately, multiplayer games need players to function, which was a big problem for Rocket Arena. According to SteamCharts, the game only averaged 1.2 concurrent players on Steam over the last 30 days. Given that so few people were logging in, it’s unsurprising that EA decided the shooter wasn’t worth keeping around.