next Mass effect the game Awards 2020

Glimpse at Next Mass Effect Teases a Return to the Original Trilogy’s Characters and Stories

BioWare managed to sneak not one, but two super vague teasers into The Game Awards 2020. The show’s world premieres concluded with a trailer that rushed through space before settling on a character climbing a mountain on a snowy planet. She brushes snow from a piece of debris featuring a familiar logo—N7—before we get a glimpse of a blue face and the message “Mass Effect Will Continue.”

Take a look at the Mass Effect teaser below:

While we’ve known for a while that BioWare is hard at work on something in the Mass Effect universe, this trailer is particularly exciting because it reveals a return to the stories and characters of the original Mass Effect trilogy, appearing to follow up immediately after the ending of Mass Effect 3.

The blue Asari face we see is clearly that of Liara, one of the primary party members from the original trilogy. In the distance we see three characters near a ship, who appear to be the Krogan Wrex (or Grunt), the Salarian Mordin, and an unknown third person, most likely human, though hard to tell for sure in the distance. It’s being pointed out that continuing the story of the original trilogy means BioWare had to choose a canon ending in order to move the characters and story forward without literally making four different games. Evidence in the trailer seems to point to the “destroy” ending being canon, though this is just a teaser for now, so we don’t know exactly where BioWare is headed.

Much like with the Dragon Age teaser early in the show, BioWare didn’t bother numbering or adding a subtitle to this one yet, and the trailer is simply titled “The Next Mass Effect.” The description on YouTube doesn’t offer much in the way of details or confirmations either:

Get a sneak peek at the next chapter of the Mass Effect universe. A veteran team at BioWare is in the early stages of what is on the horizon for the Mass Effect franchise, and we are excited to show you where we’ll be heading next!

Next year’s Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be a great way to catch up on the entire original Mass Effect trilogy before this next Mass Effect continues that story, though it’s likely you have a fair bit of time before we get our hands on the new game. BioWare says it’s in the “early stages,” and the company is notorious for vague teasers revealing games years ahead of their actual release.