New Mass Effect Game Teasers Released on N7 Day

New Mass Effect Game Teasers Released on N7 Day

Update: The final, 20-second long teaser is officially out, which you can see below:

Bioware is celebrating N7 Day on Tuesday and has released a few cryptic teasers for its new Mass Effect game.

During this year’s annual N7 Day celebration — something that occurs every November 7, which Bioware usually commemorates with sales and other teases — fans noticed that a binary code message was hidden on EA’s blog post about the 2023 N7 Day.

Two new teasers, with potentially more planned

This led users to translate the code, which read “Epsilon,” and to finding a landing page that featured a very brief teaser of a character walking down a hallway. Since then, a second teaser has been added to the site, showing more of the unknown character in what looks to be an N7-themed outfit.

Both videos (titled “Epsilon” and “Defiance”) are only about six seconds long and don’t give away too much information. Alongside the videos, a description text was added to the site, with references to last year’s N7 Day teaser, which was a message from Mass Effect’s Liara T’Soni.

As of the time of this writing, a new countdown on the page has appeared, counting down to about an hour from now, where presumably a new piece of information will release. As it stands, not too much is known about the new Mass Effect game, with Bioware having announced it way back in 2020 in a surprise trailer.