Honkai Star Rail Cross Save PS5 PS4 Progression

Honkai: Star Rail PS5 & PS4 Cross-Save & Cross-Progression Explained

Whether Honkai: Star Rail for PS5 and PS4 will have cross-save or cross-progression is something fans are understandably anxious about. It’s already been confirmed that the very popular game from HoYoverse wille come to PlayStation consoles, though it’s unclear when that will be exactly. There are new rumors that it’s coming out in June 2023 or whenever version 1.1 comes out. Either way, being able to transfer progress from PC, IOS, or Android to PS5 and PS4 is an important feature for many players who want to hop over to the console version later on.

Will Honkai: Star Rail have cross-save for PS5 and PS4?

While there is no official word from HoYoverse on Honkai: Star Rail cross-save and cross-progression on PlayStation consoles, it is very much expected.

This is because Genshin Impact has cross-save between PC, mobile, PS5, and PS4, so the developer already has experience with letting players progress through its games on multiple platforms. All players need to do is link their PSN account to their HoYoverse account to grab their save, so a similar system will likely be in place for Honkai: Star Rail too.

HoYoverse has a full FAQ on how PSN cross-save works for Genshin Impact, which will likely apply to Honkai: Star Rail whenever it releases on PlayStation. Fair warning: It’s a little finicky to get cross-save to work, and you’ll need to make sure your save is based on the right server.

For those who don’t have a PC with great specs, being able to play Honkai: Star Rail on PS5 will be a solid experience if just for the higher-quality graphics and smoother frame rate. (I’ve been playing the game on my older Samsung phone and it chugs.) At any rate, we recommend that you start playing the game on PC or mobile now because there are some events that require you to wait until the daily server reset for them to trigger.