V Rising Release Date PS5 PS4 Console

Will V Rising Get a PS4 or PS5 Release Date?

The V Rising PS5 and PS4 release date has been a hot topic for fans of the popular vampire, Diablo-like action game. The latest gameplay trailer for the upcoming Gloomrot expansion arriving on May 17, 2023 has well over 1 million views, which is incredible for an indie game still in early access on Steam.

The game’s surging popularity when it launched in May 2022 also had console players wondering if it would be coming to PlayStation then. After a year has passed, here’s all the info on whether V Rising will make it to PS5 and PS4.

Is there a V Rising PS5 and PS4 release date?

Unfortunately, there’s still no official V Rising PS5 or PS4 release date from developer Stunlock Studios. According to the game’s official FAQ on Steam, there is no info “as to when or if V Rising will be available on consoles.” We’ve also looked on the game’s Discord, Twitter, and Reddit with no luck or further news.

There’s not even info on whether there will be PlayStation controller support in the FAQ. That said, the document may be outdated considering it was posted in August 2021. In a blog post in September 2022, the developer stated that it would be looking into controller support for the game, though that has been pretty much taken care of by the V Rising community on Reddit at this point. At any rate, the lack of official PS4 or PS5 controller support for the game isn’t good news for a potential release on either console any time soon.

If we had to take an educated guess, it looks like Stunlock Studios is waiting to finish the game on Steam first before considering a full console release. That’s not a bad strategy, since the PC version of the game is its bread and butter. V Rising would also be competing against the juggernaut that is Diablo 4, so it’s worth polishing the game for PC first before even thinking about console ports.

Still, there’s the danger that a game as popular as V Rising is could be snatched up by Xbox Game Pass, just as Valheim was in early access. A developer from Iron Gate confirmed in March that Valheim may not get a PlayStation launch after its debut on Xbox consoles. A similar outcome for V Rising isn’t out of left field if the game gets wooed by Microsoft.