Final Fantasy 16 PS5 Controller

How to Pre-Order the Final Fantasy 16 PS5 Controller and Cover (US)

The coveted Final Fantasy 16 PS5 controller and console cover are out, but as revealed last week, it’s only available in Japan. That said, there are still ways to pre-order these pieces of FF16 hardware as a customer in the US. The demand for them is high, especially after FF16’s impressive State of Play presentation.

Both the controller and the cover were made available for pre-order early in the morning today, May 4, 2023, so a lot of places that offered them are already sold out. So we’ve scoured the internet for storefronts that still have the FF16 PS5 controller and cover available, and here’s what we’ve found so far.

Can you pre-order the FF16 PS5 controller in the US?

Yes, you can! One retailer that is still taking pre-orders for the FF16 PS5 controller and cover is, at least at the time of this writing.

The retailer has the Final Fantasy 16 PS5 controller available for ¥18,500 (or $141.22 USD). Furthermore, the Final Fantasy 16 PS5 Japan Digital Edition cover can be pre-ordered for ¥16,500 (or $125.95 USD), while the Disc Edition cover is a bit pricier at ¥18,500 (or $141.22 USD). Both items say they have a release date of June 2023, though it will mostly likely be June 22, 2023 (or around then) as that’s when FF16 officially releases.

Several other outlets are already sold out of the FF16 PS5 controller and cover. In particular, Amazon Japan has run out of stock, though what looks to be a third-party seller on the site is still selling the controller for ¥19,800 (with ¥8,500 delivery fee).

Play-Asia has entries for the controller, digital edition console cover, and disc edition console cover, but they’re not currently in stock. Still, you can sign up to be notified whenever they do become available.

We also recommend checking the FF16 Reddit for threads with potential links to outlets that have pre-orders open for these items. This thread in particular is how we found the AitaiKuji links. The post might be outdated by the time you click on it, so you might want to check the newest threads there instead.