PS3 system software update

PS3 System Update 4.91 Released and It Isn’t Good News for Some

In the midst of all the grim developments yesterday, Sony Interactive Entertainment dropped PS3 system software update 4.91 — the console’s annual update for its Blu-ray player. Interestingly, patch notes for the update mention those vague “system performance improvements” that we’ve become used to now, but hackers have warned that the update renders current jailbreak useless.

Jailbreakers miffed by PS3 system software update 4.91

“This system software update improves system performance,” the official patch notes for the 200 MB update read. “Please note, to play Blu-ray discs, your PS3 system needs a renewed Blu-ray player encryption key. Please update your PS3 system software to the latest version to renew the Blu-ray player encryption key.”

Understandably, these annual exploit-patching updates continue to frustrate hackers. All existing jailbreak tools will have to be updated. As noted on jailbreak forum PSX Place, those who end up updating their system software by mistake will have to wait for all the expoits to be updated by their developers. There’s no way to roll back the system software. Resetting the system does not work.

In related news, PS3 continues to see millions of monthly active users, according to a leaked Sony presentation. However, support for the console has officially ended.