Final Fantasy 16 Clive (portrayed by actor Ben Starr)

Final Fantasy 16 Clive Actor Would Love to Reprise His Role

Final Fantasy 16 actor Ben Starr has said that he would love to reprise his role as Clive if given the opportunity again. Unfortunately, however, there have been no calls from Square Enix, and it’s unlikely there will be any since the company has indicated that it has no plans for a sequel or spin-off.

Final Fantasy 16’s Ben Starr feels “personal attachment” to Clive

Starr, who earned praise for his role as Clive, made the comments above during a Video Games Chronicle podcast. “If anyone asked me to do Clive again, I would jump at the chance,” Starr said. “I feel such a personal attachment to him, as I said, and so if someone said we would like Clive to be involved in whatever thing, I would go, ‘yes, please let me do it’ because I feel a responsibility to do that.”

A longtime Final Fantasy fan, Starr also revealed that he’s had no communication from Square Enix regarding a potential role in Kingdom Hearts, which features Final Fantasy characters.

Producer Naoki Yoshida previously revealed that Final Fantasy 16’s development team has already disbanded, and there are no further plans for the game beyond its DLC and PC release.