white day 2 ps5

White Day 2 Complete Edition Coming to PS5 in 2024

PQube will release the ROOTNSTUDIO-developed horror game White Day 2: The Flower That Tells Lies Complete Edition on PS5 this year with a planned physical release.

White Day 2: Complete Edition details

First released on Steam, white Day 2 is an episodic horror game covering the accounts of four individuals who visit a cursed school.

Watch the White Day 2: Complete Edition trailer below and read the episode descriptions.

Episode 1: Disturbed by rumors of her involvement in the death of a fellow student, Jung Soo-jin is determined to set the record straight and regain the trust of her crush Jang Sung-tae. But as the pair search for clues, they learn of a far darker secret deep within the bowels of the school, and become prey in a relentless hunt.

Episode 2: At the same time, former teacher-in-training Kang Seo-yeon arrives to investigate the ambiguous circumstances surrounding her father’s passing on the school grounds. Drawing on her knowledge of the occult, Seo-yeon attempts to reverse an ancient ritual while evading a powerful and malicious ghost that is inexorably drawn to her.

Episode 3: Having made a promise that can’t be broken, first-year student Yoo Ji-min searches for a way to bring peace to the restless spirit of Han Na-young. Delving deeper into the tragic history of the school and the complex relationships between its students, Ji-min makes a fateful discovery that will lift the veil of obscurity once and for all.