Reveil Developer Showcase Previews Circus Horror’s Opening Moments

Developer Pixelsplit and Publisher Daedalic Entertainment have released an in-depth look at new gameplay for their upcoming psychological thriller Reveil.

Reveil Gameplay

In the video, we experience the beginning of Reveil and, later on, an intense brief segment from further into the game.

You can watch the 20-minute showcase below.

Join the main character Walter Thompson, as he wakes up in his bedroom, just to realize soon after that this is not his home – but a place where different memories of his get interwoven with each other. Walter starts the search for his daughter Dorie while encountering dream-like scenes that all seem to revolve around the Nelson Bros Circus where he once worked. Will you be able to make sense of it all while reality is falling apart?

Reveil’s Funhouse Edition launches the same day for those looking for an additionally engrossing performance. Filled with extra content and media tied to the game, it’s almost like being in the front-row center seat of the show:

  • Five original songs written and produced for REVEIL, featured in previous trailers
  • Digital Artbook filled with 41 pages of atmos-fear
  • An unlockable black-and-white camera effect
  • Unlockable developer commentary
  • An encore of five audio plays that allow players to dive deeper into the world and lore of Reveil, recorded with the original voice actors from the game

Reveil will be released on March 6th, 2024, on PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X|S, while a PlayStation 4 version will follow later this year.