Immortals of Aveum could be added to PS Plus and/or Game Pass

Immortals of Aveum May Be Added to PS Plus to Attract Players, Reckons Director

Immortals of Aveum director Bret Robbins thinks that the game may be added to subscription services like PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass in order to expand its player base. Developed by Ascendant Studios and published by Electronic Arts in September, Immortals of Aveum received mixed reviews and sold poorly.

Immortals of Aveum could land on PS Plus “maybe sooner than later”

In an interview with Xbox Expansion Pass, Robbins said that he doesn’t fully grasp the economics of subscription services and can’t say whether Immortals of Aveum would have benefitted from releasing on PS Plus or Game Pass. However, he’s not opposed to the idea of expanding the game’s audience and believes that EA may strike a deal to that end “maybe sooner than later.”

Lukewarm reception aside, Immortals of Aveum launched in a busy period of game releases and quickly flew under the radar. The first-person magic shooter came with an interesting premise, but its execution left a great deal to be desired.

Following a poor commercial and critical response, Ascendant Studios underwent layoffs — a period Robbins says was very tough for him, adding that it’s an unfortunate consequence of not meeting targets for an independent studio.