Star Wars KOTOR Remake Development

Star Wars: KOTOR Remake Development Reportedly Continuing Soon

Development on the troubled Star Wars: KOTOR Remake looks set to continue soon after reports claimed that developer Saber Interactive will split from Embracer Group. The developer will become a privately owned company and plans to continue the game’s development once the deal is complete.

Saber Interactive may get help from other studios on Star Wars: KOTOR Remake

Saber Interactive is set to be sold to a group of private investors in a deal worth up to $500 million according to sources who spoke to Bloomberg. This figure would also allow Saber Interactive to take multiple Embracer subsidiaries alongside them to help with the development of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake.

While part of Embracer Group, several other companies have already been merged into Saber Interactive; these include Demiurge Studios and New World Interactive. However, the sources did not specify which companies could be leaving Embracer alongside Saber.

The deal will be part of cost-cutting measures at Embracer Group following a failed $2 billion investment from a gaming group associated with Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. This triggered a spate of layoffs and game cancelations.

Star Wars: KOTOR Remake was rumored to be one of those canceled games. Originally in development at Aspyr Media, development seemed steady until a vertical slice demo of the game was shown to Lucasfilm and Sony. Initial reports suggested both companies were happy with the game’s progress, but then Aspyr’s design director and art director were fired shortly after.

The game was delayed indefinitely before development was transferred to Saber Interactive, who had been assisting Aspyr Media with the remake. Rumors suggested development had ceased completely, although Embracer has always refused to confirm whether these rumors were true. The split from Embracer means Star Wars: KOTOR Remake development finally gets a chance to be completed.