Insomniac Games addresses layoffs

Insomniac Games Expresses Sorrow Over Layoffs in Official Statement

Yesterday was Insomniac Games‘ 30th anniversary, which was unfortunately marred by the mass layoffs at PlayStation earlier this week. Instead of a celebratory note, the studio released an official statement expressing regret and sadness over loss of colleagues. Insomniac is among Sony’s first-party developers hit by layoffs.

Insomniac Games impacted by layoffs despite successful releases

When Sony revealed its list of studios impacted by the layoffs, many weren’t expecting to see Insomniac Games on the list. Acquired by Sony in 2019, the developer has released commercially and critically successful games relatively quickly, and is often jokingly referred to as the developer that “carries” PlayStation Studios by the gaming community. Nevertheless, Insomniac had to say goodbye to some of its staff members, the exact number of which is not known.

“Like several other teams across SIE and PlayStation Studios, Insomniac Games was impacted by yesterday’s layoffs,” Insomniac wrote. “There are no sufficient words to express our feelings about it. This is a solemn and unprecedented moment in our studio’s history.”

Insomniac added that it’s currently focusing on supporting affected employees and finding new homes for them. “For those who are hiring, there are great people seeking new roles who made important contributions to Insomniac’s history,” the studio added, suggesting that it lost some long-time employees.