Mass Effect 4 release Date 2029

Mass Effect 4 Release Date Reportedly Not Until 2029

Those wanting to return to the world of Mass Effect will have a long wait ahead of them as the Mass Effect 4 release date is reportedly not until 2029. The report comes from renowned leaker Jeff Grubb, who claims the game is on a “similar timeline” to that of Dragon Age Dreadwolf, which is not expected to surface until next year.

Why the Mass Effect 4 release date won’t be until 2029

Mass Effect 4 is a game that is “just nowhere near coming out” according to Grubb, who was speaking about the game on the most recent Game Mess Mornings podcast. The game has a fairly lengthy development cycle and can be compared to Dragon Age Dreadwolf.

The latest Dragon Age game was announced in 2018, albeit earlier than publisher EA was anticipating. Development actually began in 2015, but thanks to reported changes in the game’s direction and layoffs at BioWare, the game is not expected to be released until the summer of 2024 at the very earliest. This gives the game a development cycle of at least nine years.

Mass Effect 4 was first revealed in 2020. For the game to be “similar in terms of timeline”, this means “we’re talking 2029” for Mass Effect 4, although Grubb called it “Mass Effect 5” as he refers to Andromeda as the fourth game. It doesn’t help that the aforementioned layoffs are also reported to have slowed down the development of Mass Effect 4.

The podcast also discussed the brief teaser video released to celebrate N7 day on November 7. The video shows a character, who fans speculate is Liara, walking through a space station. Text revealed on the teaser website also mentioned “ANDROMEDA DISTRESS SIGNAL DETECTED”, leading some to hope Liara’s crew will be responding to that signal. It also seems to confirm that the interstellar migration movement that took place in Mass Effect Andromeda will be built into the story of Mass Effect 4, although we’ll have a long time to wait to find out if this is true.